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lance-photo-2WHY ARE THEY CHEAP?

– Are they a full-time Real Estate Agent?
– Have they been selling a lot of homes lately?
– Are they in touch with buyers who are looking to buy in your area and in this current market?

***And the most important question***

What is there motivation to get you the best price possible or are they just going to sell your home to the first offer so they can get paid?

This mistake can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.


This concerns me! Why you ask?

It’s a bit like them lending you money but all they want to do is get that money back so therefore there is a conflict of interest.

So the agent is inclined to sell your home to the first buyer rather than the best buyer because they want the money back that they have lent out.

This mistake can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

I’ve even come across agents who say “No Sale, No Charge”. This is obvious!  We as agents are only paid commission if we do sell your home but what a terrible way of thinking and what do they really mean?
Do they mean that they are not going to sell your home?
I have never come across a vendor who goes to the market to NOT sell their home.  They go to the market because they want to sell their home for a premium price.
“It’s a bit like an airline saying, we’re going to fly you to Bali, but if we don’t get you there we wont charge you”  COME ON……….We have paid money as we all want to get to our destination and I believe home sellers do too.

At the end of the day, if I don’t perform I would rather cut my fee (what you pay me at the end after I have actually sold your home) rather than take shortcuts or give you loans for advertising.  If I don’t get the word out there and advertise your home to as many buyers as possible, how do I get a premium?  As far as I am concerned I don’t want your house to be a secret.  I want it out there saying, “Hey, look at me, pick me!!!  With me as your agent it is about making money!

So if you are thinking of selling and want an agent who is going to sell your home for a premium price.
Give me a call to discuss your needs


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